Thursday, February 7, 2013

My Third- World Budget

18 pounds of Texas oranges... 7.99
Brought some to a friend from Nepal,
she asked me to stay for lunch.
She asked me to take her to her aunt's house
We went and I gave this aunt some oranges,
Aunt insisted to give me two avocados and some pomegranate
I came home and brought some oranges to my housemate,
she invited me to dinner... lasagna
Next day, I made guacamole with the avocados,
invited my housemates to dinner.. fajitas!
They enjoyed; we laughed,
Then they invited me over the next two days;
pot roast, then chili
4 days of food (not counting all the oranges I ate)

This is the magic I learned in a place where money does not account for wealth,
this is the apothecary's stone.
This is my budget;
and receive.


  1. How wonderful! Please keep sharing your thoughts and experiences and inspiring us! :)Your blog is full of optimism and positivity.