Thursday, December 27, 2012


Taking undergraduate science courses in disguise, (it seems that most of my classmates don't realize I am in a different age group) I have been able to observe many pre- med, pre - pharmacy, pre- "I don't know" classmates really struggle with their coursework. Augustana College is an expensive private college and many students have high expectations to live up to. Success, getting into graduate school, a "good" school, then making "enough" money, is so externally defined, it may be impossible to achieve.
It has been a successful semester. Yes, 7 of the 10 necessary classes are done; yes, the GPA is good. After getting good grades, I wonder, maybe it was too easy.. maybe I should have been taking four science courses instead of three... external definitions really never end.
I defined success for myself two Christmasses ago, however, and it didn't include any of these things. This has been a successful year because I am part of a community, because I am healthy, because I have meaningful work, and because I have many opportunities for spiritual learning. I am successful because I earn more than I spend, because I am cooking my way through a Goan cook book and because I cannot fit all the people I know and love into my home.
My Chemistry professor last summer said that most physical chemists chose their fields because of the vibrant colors....I am definitely seeing the colors in my choices as well.

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