Thursday, November 22, 2012


My lab partner just would not quit... "But WHERE are you from again?" "Earth!" was my reply. She, from the Ukraine, wonders if I am not secretly Russian. I shake hands with two hands. I pronouce the letter "T" and yes, I do know that the "Rare Rhinos from Africa" at the local zoo are not the actual rare white rhinos.

When I started the semester, I arrived early to class. I noticed that in every class, a ring of foreign students surrounded me... later on, several asked where I was from...each expecting to hear his or her continent.

When I visited the University of South Dakota's medical school, an admissions officer asked me if I was a US citizen. He then proceeded to suggest application to other schools... after all I am not a native South Dakotan...

Co- workers do the same, saying that I sound funny.. well I do bring more than my share of curries and lentils to lunch (let's not forget my 14 lb. bag of basmati rice!)

Meanwhile, there is a small Somali grocery store where most delicacies of middle eastern and eastern African origin are available, at a slight inflation. A little Arabic with the owner and I have been placed (unwillingly) into the Somali relationship grapevine...."You sure you're single? Maybe not for long!"... ok...

This Thanksgiving, I am grateful. Not just for the opportunity to see so much but for the opportunity to be so greatly altered. To be a part of a community and a part of my family. To have 250 million dollars--- Zim dollars, that is, and know what is actually of value. Blessed are the......well, not neccessarily the American dream, that's for sure.

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